GMGM UPDATE 06.15.14

Hey there! Hope everyone's OK. Here's to apprising things concerning the band's first work(s). The simple truth is that we're still in waiting for the recorded stuff in order to get it mixed and edited. At the end of last year, Christmas days still, we finished our duties among a bunch of amplifiers and behind microphones. Our botchy tunes were well recorded but luck struck us badly, although everything could be worse. The PC of our producer (or simply the guy whom we chose to record with) fell from a shelf in his room and had been almost demolished. He never had the prudence to save the files as a backup some place safe and we thought we'd lost the whole stuff. If it were that we had to re-record everything from the very beginning, well we'd never do it. We would never bother going through all this once again. To record this shit was really chastening since we were about to reject all of our recent past which includes the history of all these songs. Despite our initial thoughts we decided to erase only three songs from the band's testimony so far and finally record the remaining eight. Our aim was to choose some of them and release an EP, deferential, so we can remember our very roots and what fed us and each stage for the last four years. For fuck's sake, this guy said he'd managed to save the files anyway but there was equipment he needed to buy in order to continue the mixing/editing procedure. Some friends tell us they've heard part of the recorded stuff and that it sounds promising. Well, we could only guess. We are yet to hear anything from this. Anyway, it's been months now (six I can count already) that we're still waiting to get our work in our hands. And days still pass. We are not to blame.

It must be seven or eight weeks that we're stuck to the new compositions. The new stuff has us thrilled and excited. It's a brand new face of the band and, I suppose, a natural evolution. There were no rules or borders this time. We've stolen parts of our favorite bands and records and we try to reproduce them through our own prism. Come on, there's no such thing as virgin birth! Be serious. Though you must have listened to a lot of stuff so you can discern our influences. That, of course, means it's the ending of our bluesy sludge/drone/doom (or whatever) era. All our love for bands like Converge and Cursed or even death metal and black metal (as genres) has come to surface. We have already constructed the vertebra of six new songs and we are very happy with all this transformation. Flaneurs like us get also enthusiastic to see things done in such a short period of time. All new tunes and lyrics are truly hearted, more personal and destined to form that which appears to be our first full-length. We believe the tracks will fit perfectly together. Show some love now, we impone our principles, guys! And we're in real danger of losing any fan of the band (if one ever really existed). Do you need to know some of our working titles? I'm sure you don't but I'll print ALL of them anyway so you can see we're not hiding our mysterious profile. Well, those are: "Ill Earth", "Unsubtle Void" (code name: Void), "Cherish Shambhala" (code name: Shambhala), "Party Harakiri", "Brethren of Uffern" (code name: Dance) and "Unworldly Antimatter" (code name: Crust). Moreover, there are some other titles under construction such as "Hate Me", "Perished Metropolis" "Bombed Didactics" and "Jisatsu Simplex". We can only wait and see if these are about to fit all our instrumental ideas.

Or anyone would say so. Before we get internee in our recording place we decided to NOT play live shows for a while. It would just be of no use. Don't be prying, we love playing these shows! But, as foretold, we were to record the stuff we've been playing all these years so no one would miss them so much, we suppose. Maybe we'd get on stage for a couple of times if everything was going according to the plan of having the EP done so we can promote it. We want to feature new, killer stuff. We are already able to support a 40-minute demonstration of what seems to be the new Gomgoma stuff. It lies on one's subjectivity whether it is really good or not. We needed that change at all costs. So, this one goes out to anyone who has asked us to take part in a live show: WE LOVE YOU ALL. We are not inimical, we are not notorious divas and, god forfend!, we don't feed our gross egoism through rejection. We have simply made a decision. That's all. We're in desperate need of hitting some stage, too. Believe us. We never meant to look like perishers.

First of all, cats are adorable creatures. All animals are, in fact. Except flies. In a universe where some kind of god lives up there in the heavens I'm sure he would never allow the existence of flies. So flies are the living proof of god's non-existence. Guess what, sucker, you are not that unfathomed! Get serious now. Do not believe in any kind of religion. There is no such thing as Passion Week. Fly into a passion, instead. Fuck church. We don't want another saviour who plays the role of a deadbeat father. We are not your children. The strength is inside one of us. So, dare to shine. Listen to music. Any kind of. We openly suggest the new records of all these artists (take a deep breath): Autopsy, Cloud Nothings, Cloud Rat, Dead Congregation, Dephosphorus, Desmadrados Soldados de Ventura, Doomed Again, Eyehategod, Mac DeMarco, Mayhem, Nun, Ought, Perfect Pussy, Survival Knife (ex-Unwound), Swans, Ill Omen, Ben Frost, Protomartyr, Allochiria, Minerva Superduty e.t.c. Other artists we've enjoined listening to the last few months: Blur, Deafheaven, Goat, Grizzly Bear, Leonard Cohen, Nicole Atkins, Tom Waits, Xiu Xiu, Howard Tate, Tim Buckley, Simon & Garfunkel, Death in June, Robbie Basho and Symptom. The list never ends.

Face your adipescence. It's a problem and you know it. Love your people. They're "yours" for a reason. Don't pollute the planet. It's that simple. Get to swim, summer's coming. Read a book. There'll be no harm, you'll see. Do not watch TV. Stay focused. If drugs do change you, then quit. Close your eyes. And keep them closed.

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