GMGM UPDATE 10.18.14

Not a long time ago we broke our vow against our abstention from the live performances and we finally took part in the release show of the debut album of Sadhus (The Smoking Community) along with domestic fellas Korsikov and Monk. It was nice hitting the stage once more after nine months of utter sloth. It was the first time we performed only fresh compositions and the truth is we received a positive feedback somehow. Though many would expect to listen to another sludge or drone tune from us and inevitably got disappointed. There were even some live reviews of that night online which of course you can check below (most of them in greek):
Metal Paths
Rockin' Athens
 And a printed one...

We have to mention the fact that each one of the appearances was far beyond great. Monk is a newly formed instrumental 3-piece which performs an OM-like heaviness with a guitar filling their line-up. Korsikov are such heavy dudes with (probably) the most threatening singer in Greece. The headliners, Sadhus, played among massive sounds of heaviness their dormant riffs and doped sonic explosions. Heavy, heavy night!

We're still writing new material of what seems to form our debut record and we're pretty happy about this whole new direction of the band. This new start sounds a blast even to us sometimes because somehow we never imagined of the new dimensions and perspective of the songs but we're glad we're moving that way. Those who have been following us since the very beginning will be surprised, for sure. Others will just miss an important part of the band's substance so long. We are yet to fully manipulate this whole situation, especially concerning the band's NEW live sound which is vital for the vibes against the audience. In good time...

As for the rest. I recently viewed online an interview by some economist guy who explained the situation in Greece with financial terminology and stuff. Didn't fully apprehended the whole thing but the conclusion is that EU bank-fascists are totally fooling a whole nation when people who establish it are left with the promise of exiting the crisis the sooner the possible. Things here seem to get really fucked up and may get even worse for our descendants, not only in local levels but international as well.

Back to the music. As I'm seeing it that way on my PC, I'm going to list alphabetically some really good music I've listened to the past two months or so. Check out for 1994!'s "Fuck It", American Nightmare's "The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter", the self-titled debut of Antemasque, As We Draw's masterpiece, "Mirages", Bolzer's "Soma", Institute's "Giddy Boys", Leviathan's "The Tenth Sub Level of Suicide" (back in '03 - Wrest is a serious motherfucker), the new solo album by Thom Yorke etc. I also unearthed Weakling's opus, "Dead As Dreams", which is one the most sensational creations in the USBM scene ever. There are plenty to hear such as the new Today Is the Day LP and Baptits's "Bloodmines". Oh, Secret Chiefs 3 also, of course.

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