Sequences and further promoting

The dear fellas in Kalpa have just released their first full-length album and it's called Sequences. You who wish to get vibed by post-everything (it's really that complicated) should check this one out. It even hides some filthier moments which would, of course, surprise you. Stream the whole record via their bandcamp page and, if possible, be nice to them by naming your price other than just 0 euro for your digital downloading.

 Other news is that we leaked another song on youtube. It's off of our upcoming (and first also) EP and its full title is "Fuck on with a Strapon". You can give it a try. We swear, every detail behind the words is blasphemous. Now, get laid.

Harbourer of stolen goods, bequeath the beauty. Incosiderate moment. Strap on your chest. Cheap make-up. This smile with (these) 32 teeth. Choose one of these names. Let your portion decide for you. Fuck on. Dogs spreading happiness audious. I fathom your ass. I laugh.

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