Accomodation plazas (use a vacation in Greece)

More than a thousand people are kept as prisoners in Amygdaleza. Although many of them have claimed asylum or demanded expulsion they are not allowed to exit the place. Of course they're not able to communicate with relatives or lawyers, the provided clothing is poor and the hygiene conditions are miserable. Those stricken by illnesses (diabetes, psychological issues, etc.) cannot be provided with any kind of medical care. Therefore, in such conditions, more prisoners get sick while the pertinent state agencies can't cover the costs of their nursing or hospitalization.

Yesterday, a 23 year-old man, named after Mohamd Merzay, who has been imprisoned for months in Amygdaleza, passed away due to tuberculosis disease and the fascistic treatment he received so far. This is not a post to be just shared in the network places. This is a hollow farewell to another victim (and future unknown hero) of some nation's disinterest (it could be any nation, it's all nations) on human lives. It's also a chance for everyone to revise his views on unrealistic words, such as hope is, and take a better glance at the world we live in. Mankind is evolving opposed to time. Hell's been home for a long time now.

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