Goons of society

Hello to you. This is the second EP of our group and we've just uploaded it. You can, of course, stream it here or via our bandcamp page which we inexplicably promote in this blog. Furthermore, you can download it for zero euros. BUT! You have to download the whole EP and not each track separately. Now, how about that?

Civilized Punks is the last of the two EP series we had promised to release. We singled out each of these records as we feel their content is slightly different in shape, form and ambience. The very old songs of the band are now available. The title of this record comes of a line of the first song we ever wrote but never recorded. Its title was Stylized Horse Leeches. Every bond with the past is now broken. Piss.

All tracks were written and performed by James, Billy, Teo & Miltos.
The cover photo was found in the network and used shamelessly.

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