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We were asked to join the line-up of Eyehategod/Church of Misery live show in Athens, which btw was the virgin performance of both bands in our country. Mike (of Lucky Funeral fame - RIP) proposed us as collective to be part of this show to the guys of Spit Like a Man Productions (kisses to those music fans) so they contacted us immediately and we couldn't reject such a big chance. To play, viz, with some of our music idols of our puberty. COM are to be skipped in these lines, not because they're not great people but due to the fact that EHG stole every bit of our heart that day. We're still claiming to this day as individuals that they're the best people we've performed with. Not because they're a BIG name of a band but simply 'cause of their whole attitude. I still remember Jimmy shouting without reason when we met hours before the show began. That was a real enthusiastic display of love for his fans and a way to really share his gratitude that we were part of this; their fucking world! Pointless to mention the rest of those guys were extremely amazing, too. We've shared the stage with a lot of amazing people to this day, from Earth of Distrust and Ruined Families to Allochiria and Sadhus and much more whom we appreciate as human beings. But seeing the greatness in the men of EHG calibre (meaning their musical status) just instantly topped them in our souls.

Almost four years later, we were asked once again to support EHG for their second live show in Athens. During this interval, many things have changed. We (I mean Gomgoma) have recently changed our line-up and our style dramatically. Teo is not an actual part of this band anymore, still though an actual part in our lives. EHG had a sadder turn of events the past few years. Joey has unfortunately passed away, leaving his legacy for the years to come. EHG is back, though, carrying the freshness of a brand new full-length which was an exquisite piece of their unique art.

And here we are again. One more live show with these dear people. One more great day in our lives. We thank Catch the Soap for this chance. We can't actually express our full appreciation for this chance. This show will be dedicated to the memory of J., for sure. May his vibe be the beat of that night.

Agitation! Propaganda!

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